As a student in a barber school,
your career begins NOW.


Gwinnett Barber Institute instructs each individual professionally, equipping every potential Master barber with the necessary tools to become Licensed Master Barbers under the state approved curriculum. With more than 25 years of experience and teaching in the industry, Mr. Josten A. Smith has a passion for barbers seeking to advance in the industry from Sanitation/Infection Control to Salon/Shop Management. From transfer students to those just beginning, Gwinnett Barber Institute will take the barbering education to new heights going beyond the clippers.

State Board
Gwinnett Barber Institute works to assists each student in successfully passing the state practical and written exam to acquire his/her license. State board preparations are reinforced weekly allowing students to have a secure confidence in the final exam.

Gwinnett Barber Institute vision is to successfully produce a 98 percentile pass rating for state board on the first attempt.

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